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Re: Inks for 3000


I have a stylus 3000 and have been using Epson OEM inks since
I originally purchased it one year ago. I have been using the
printer for graphic design color comps, but will now be using it
as well for fine art prints.

I am getting ready to make the jump to third-party, archival inks and
am looking for suggestions from the experienced members of this
list. A key point is that I am looking for inks that will be able to
handle a dual purpose: good color quality so that I can still print
out color comps for my clients, and archival qualities for the fine
art prints that I will be printing.

I am considering Xtreme Gamut with Ilford papers (at the moment,
my number one choice), as well as Generations 4.0 pigment inks,
Ilford Archiva inks, and MIS. I have ruled out Lysonic inks because
of the lower color gamut I have read from this list.

I cannot afford to deal with clogging heads, so that is another
factor in this decision.

Thanks all in advance for your welcomed opinions--

Lois Stanfield
LightSource Images
Encinitas, California

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