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re: Calibration: Is good looking gray scale enough?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Oh this is a can of worms on profiling a 1270...

Your media choise will have a huge difference on the appearance of the gray scale printed out.  I got the best seperation with Glossy Film, but black as definetly green.

Only a couple of real useful tips I can add to your quest.  PCM doesn't work correctly in PS 5.02, was not refixed until 5.5.

When you choose a space other than RGB in PS print dialog, you must choose NO COLOR ADJUSTMENT in the Epson advanced dialog.  Otherwise you are telling Photoshop to convert your image data to a new profile and then the epson driver does it again.


  >>  Is using a grey scale test image (thus 21 step gray scale created in
  >>  PhotoShop) a good starting point for visual do-it-yourself calibration
  >>  without any real calibration/profiling package? This is for 1270 to
  >>  be (slightly) on topic.

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