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Any opinions on the ColorBlind Prove it! monitor puck and s/w?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I am looking to buy the cheapest monitor calibration and profiling package
around, for my IIyama Vision Master Pro monitor running off a Matrox
Millennium G400 graphics card on Win 98SE.

I'm based in the UK, so don't have easy access to the wide range of
equipment available to the lucky folks in the USA.

Previously I have tried various 'free' monitor profiling solutions, such as
WiziWYG, that rely on eye judgement alone, and found them to be
unsatisfactory. I can't match printed output to what's on the screen in my
PS6 soft proofs, so I've decided that I need to start with a correctly
calibrated monitor before I try anything else.

As printing photos is a hobby rather than a trade I can't afford the
thousands of dollars/pounds that the pros are able to spend :-(

The cheapest solution I have found on the web that's obtainable in the UK is
the ColorBlind Prove it! puck and software solution. This is advertised by
TypeMaker (www.typemaker.com) for GBPounds 275 plus VAT (i.e. about GBP
323). This is available as serial or USB for Windows systems.

Before I pay my hard earned cash for this, has anyone on the list used this
device, and if so tell me of any problems (whether related to use on
Windows, or not) with it?  Does the USB version work OK on Windows? Is the
software easy to use?

Positive feedback would of course be welcome as well.


Alan Rew


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