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Re: Piezography matters

Igor Wesdorp wrote:

>   May I ask you, what difference does the Piezography software make? I
> mean, you don't need it to use CIS, do you?
> No, you don't need it to use the CIS.  You can use any bulk ink with
> the CIS that is suitable for the printer. The CIS is an ink delivery
> system, and has nothing to do with software or drivers.
> If you're interested in the Piezo system I suggest that you read about
> it on Jon Cone's website:  http://www.inkjetmall.com  Better to get
> the tecnical description on the driver from there.  I know that the
> driver fools the printer into printing at a greater resolution, and
> that the inks are calibrated to it, and that the inks are pigment inks
> and long-lasting.
> I found some unbiased positive reviews about this plug-in on the Web,
> but what is your opinion?
> I gave my opinions in my previous post: I'm quite impressed with
> Piezo. It is great for some images, perhaps not for all.  Not everyone
> is 100% pleased with the ink color.  If you don't like warmtone
> images, you probably wouldn't like the color.
>  And which printer do you use?
> The 1160.  I have not used a 1200 series printer.  I bought the 1160
> because at the time there were more archival ink choices available for
> it because it is a 4- color printer as opposed to a 6-color printer.
> At the time the only images I saw were Epson demos. The 1270 had not
> come out yet. The 1200 looked absolutely photographic.  The 1160
> looked great. With the 1160 there was some slight quality that looked
> minutely not as photographic as the 1200, but I'm at a loss to explain
> what it was.  I still bought the 1160- two of them, in fact, and have
> no regrets at all.  Since then I've seen 1270 prints that were so good
> I can't imagine anything looking better.  Unfortunately the 1270 is
> not a viable choice for anyone who wants work to last.
> I still want to know if the 1160 beat the 1200 or vice versa.
> So I can't tell you, having not used the 1200. And so I'm not even
> sure if the Piezo system is available for the 1200. Check Jon's site
> for that info. So any comparisons I'm aware of of 1160 vs 1200 are for
> color prints.  I can tell you that from what I've read from this list
> the difference has been reported as being slight.  So I'm not even
> considering switching to the 1200.  The prints I saw on the 1270 were
> so good that I would have bought one of those had the orange
> shift/fade issue not already come about. If things change and bulk
> archival inks become available for the 1270 (the chip is defeated and
> the CIS becomes useable) then I would definitely reconsider it.
>  James

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