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Re: 1200 or 1160

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<P>&nbsp; <B><I>linda &amp; karl &lt;never@mciworld.com&gt;</I></B> wrote: <BR><BR>
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<P>I'm looking to buy one of these Epsons. Currently have an old 600, and<BR>was thrilled and amazed to see a photo 1270 at CompUSA print out a<BR>really nice image quickly and quietly. However I'm concerned about<BR>orange shift-- even if I'm not seeing the change in the prints here in<BR>my area, I send my promos all over the country and don't want to worry<BR>about images turning orange in art directors' files.<BR><BR>Many people have suggested finding refurb. 1200 or 1160, but I'm having<BR>trouble figuring out what the difference is between the two. Just seems<BR>like 1200s are easier to find in internet searches. Any suggestions, or<BR>websites to look at to find info and buy from?<BR>thanks,<BR>linda sw<BR></P><BR>
<P>I gave up on the 1270, coming from a wet dark room, printing with Ilfachrome, I could not stand the color shift. I purchased a 1160 and will use a 3rd party archival ink and forgo some of the color. There are to many problems with the 1270 and I think they will come out with a better printer than the P2000 withen the next 18 months. Just an oponion.<BR>-<BR>Turn off HTML mail features. Keep quoted material short. Use accurate<BR>subject lines. http://www.leben.com/lists for list instructio</P></BLOCKQUOTE><p><br><hr size=1><b>Do You Yahoo!?</b><br>
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