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Re: Epson StylusRIP 4.10


Brian (earlier post) mentioned hearing something about not being able 
to print 90 degree rotation. Do you see any problems there?


>I performed this upgrade (on a G-3 Mac) awhile back. I don't recall 
>doing more than installing the new version according to the 
>instructions. The ONLY change in performance from v. 3.3 is that I 
>may connect via USB and Epson's proprietary cable.
>Once I saw that 4.1 was working I simply removed 3.3 from my system.
>Bob Tyson
>>I'm thinking of upgrading my StylusRIP 3.3 to the newer version 4.1 
>>and wonder if anyone has any observations or comments? Do I need to 
>>remove earlier items or can I just do a simple install? The 
>>literature doesn't mention the need but it doesn't hurt to check.
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