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Matchlock Cyan Skies, was: CIS choice

on 10/24/00 1:03 AM PST, rafeb wrote:

> Well, if you're having trouble getting Matchlock
> to behave, you're not alone.

> I have now tried it with four different flatbed
> scanners.  It works OK on one of the four, and
> gives me nasty cyan skies on the other three.


Interesting, I've had the same experience with cyan skies (1160, Generations
3, Profiler RGB).  After eliminating every variable we (David Miller & Jon
Cone) could think of (the last being the hardware calibrating/profiling of
my monitor), I still get cyan skies....but not all the time.

The best I can conclude is that certain out-of-gamut, saturated blues, get
"converted" (or whatever the technical term is) into cyan by the profile (or
is it by the driver?).  In discovering this, this drove me crazy, because I
would compare a reference file printed with OEMs (granted on a Photo EX) to
the same file printed with profiled Generations...the OEMs reproduced the
beautiful blue sky I would see on the monitor, but the Generations came out
a ghastly "swimming pool" blue/green, both from the identical file.

Hardware calibrating/profiling the monitor didn't help, it just eliminated
another variable.

BTW, which scanner works for you?  I got a UMAX PowerLook III, thinking a
relatively high-end flatbed should work. Not sure if it does. Is it the
scanner, or out-of-gamut colors, or both?
> Giving the RED slider a hard shove to the right
> (in Matchlock, step b, when creating the profile)
> did in fact eliminate the cyan skies.  But the
> profiles are still not worth a whole lot, IMHO.

Yes, I've tamed the cyan skies as well by adding red, but it seems a rather
bass-ackwards way of doing things.  My best results come from avoiding
out-of-gamut blues, but that isn't always possible.


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