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Re: monitor question

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<TITLE>Re: monitor question</TITLE>
<FONT COLOR="#800080"><TT>&gt;Can I take advantage of the RGB<BR>
&gt;gun control with whatever software may come with it?<BR>
<FONT COLOR="#0000FF">Nope, not unless you do that with another program first... PreCAl that ships <BR>
with OptiCal woudl allow this, but PhotoCal and ProveIt have the utility <BR>
built in, and not seperable, unless you just abort in the middle of the <BR>
Does the above contradict what you wrote to me yesterday below? I take it there's a tricky workaround that I'd like to know but which won't be in the manual. Would you elaborate, please? Also, I currently have an order in with Color Vision for their Bundle which includes the Spyder, Photocal, and Profiler RGB; would it be worth spending an extra $200 to upgrade from PhotoCal to OptiCal?<BR>
<FONT COLOR="#008000">&gt;&gt; ProveIt! and Optical both adjust the guns in advanced modes by manually<BR>
&gt;&gt; adjusting the cutoffs. So just a little more work but a &nbsp;much cheaper<BR>
&gt;&gt; solution.<BR>
</FONT><FONT COLOR="#800080">&gt;<BR>
&gt;Do you know if this is also true for the photocal software, which is what<BR>
&gt;comes with the $299 bundle?<BR>
Yes, PhotoCal incorporates the PreCal utility that Optical also uses, to <BR>
prebalance the guns.<BR>


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