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Re: Ink Questions

On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Hull, Mitchell wrote:

> I talked my best friend into buying one of those $200 Epson 1160s from
> Staples.  Now he wants to figure out what inks to use in a Pro CIS system,
> to switch between B&W and Color.  Friends can be so demanding.....;-)
> What's the difference between MIS Archival and Generations inks?  Both are
> mostly pigmented, I gather have essentially identical gamuts.  Longevity
> differences?  Performance (profile-ability, clogging) differences?
> The Lyson Small Gamut inks:  are these simply diluted CMY or are they
> much-reduced "native" dyes-or pigments?  What's their expected longevity?
> Thanks people, this list is THE GREATEST.

MIS is a dye-ink hybrid.  I find that it 
has a better gamut than Generations, 
particularly in the blacks and deep 
shadows, where I sometimes got weird 
artifacts (a sort of cross-hatching) 
with Generations.

Neither ink has Wilhelm ratings.  But MIS 
has been tested by RIT, with results 
posted on the MIS website.

In the bottle, and in the CIS tubes, 
they look identical.  Price is virtually
indentical, in the 4 oz bottles.

On most glossy papers, both have the same 
problems -- bronzing and surface scum.

rafe b.

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