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Re: Epson 2000P questions

--- Patrick Jennings <patrick@synaptic.bc.ca> wrote:

> Metamerism...OUCH!  Stand in the doorway of my
> bathroom.  Wave a fresh
> print across the threshold and, voila!
> Presto-chango.  Two different
> prints.  It's really kinda startling to see your
> sand-dunes swerve
> between slightly too-green for comfort and a bit
> much in the magenta.

I agree that this is frustrating, but think we're
maybe expecting too much from Epson.  Metamerism is a
fact of life in far more than inkjet printers.  I
bought a ring last week in Mexico City.  It has a
stone that looks very much blue in daylight, but black
under incandescent.  Should I send it back for a
refund?  Do with some magazine photos what you did
with your P2000 print.  I bet, in a lot of cases,
you'll notice similar effects.  We don't normally
notice it because (1), we're not familiar with the
original image, so don't know what it should look like
and (2), we don't normally carry images between
different light sources while we view them.

The mind's eye is very forgiving.  That sand dune may
look too green to you, but to someone who sees the
print ONLY in that light, it's still going to look
like a sand dune.

Bob Meyer
Youth and talent are no match for age and treachery.


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