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Re: CIS choice

At 04:34 PM 10/23/00 +0000, Alana Lea Gordey wrote:

>Well, I just want to say this about that....having just faced the fact
that my
>700 is ruined, previously having made primo prints before installing the
>MIS/Cobra, and learning in the process that MIS tech support was not always
>what it should be, and that their parts are made in China where quality
>control is dubious (first cart they sent wouldn't fill in last chamber at
>Buy CIS. I will next time.

There was a thread several months ago about using 
(David's) CIS on the Epson 700.  David had concluded 
that it just couldn't be done.  Several folks on the 
list were disappointed.

Even so, the Nomorecarts CIS is a marvelous thing.
But not every Epson printer can use it.

The "good" news is that the 700 is a fairly old 
printer, by Epson standards.  Lots of newer models 
around that can match it, or better it, at a 
reasonable price -- well below what the 700 
originall cost.

rafe b.

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