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Generations/MIS Inks and Gloss Papers

<x-charset iso-8859-1>So......I got the dual CIS system for my 1160 together with both
generations and MIS archival inks
and had no problems getting it up and running. Getting very nice
results on matt papers and the prints on gloss papers
look great when they come out of the printer BUT.......the gloss
papers just will not dry. Even after several days they are
still not dry. Rubbing a finger across the print surface seems to
remove mainly magenta ink - a green cast is revealed where ink has
been rubbed off.. This applies to every gloss paper I've tried
(including MIS samples) to greater or lesser degree.
Has anyone actually got this set up to work well with any glossy
papers and if so which one(s)?
The generations and MIS inks seem very similar and I was amazed how
closely I got one print to match a previous copy printed on my 3000
with epson inks
(also on matt paper). Is there another inkset I should be using for
gloss papers? Should I stick with matt papers in the 1160 and use the
second CIS track for quad black ? (if so, any recommendations for
black inks?). I'm so fond of the results I get using Tetenal H/W Gloss
paper in my Epson 3000 that anything less will just not do!!
Tony Riley

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