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RE: CIS choice

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I also found the HWM difficult to profile with the 1200. Try the Glacier and
the Plush papers from MediaStreet. The problem with the 1200 is the amount
of ink it lays down, even in the Back Light Film setting. The 1160 works
with a wider variety of papers.

I have both printers with CIS, Generations, Matchlock & PhotoCal. I have had
the 1200 for well over a year, the 1160 less than a month. Eventually I will
convert the 1200 to a b&w printer, as the 1160 has already become my primary

YMMV. best of luck

> Roger,
> What papers are you having good results with?  I've only recently
> gotten my
> 1200/CIS/Horses combo and so far only used Epson papers, with varying
> results.  I'm finding Heavy Weight Matte to be frustratingly hard to
> profile, Photo Paper works fine, and Semi Gloss Premium doesn't dry.  I'm
> about to try the sample pack that came with the CIS, but realistically may
> have to settle for Epson Archival Matte since not much else is available
> locally - need to try it first of course.
> Ken

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