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Re: 1160 and MIS arc inks (was "1160 & Archiva")

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I saw your post, Holland, about the exhaust bag test.  Thanks.  I hope this
translates into a somewhat easy solution.  The MIS arc inks on Ilford Glossy
are *exactly* what I want, and spraying with Krylon 1303 does seem to set
the image and make it handle-able.  Plus, as Rafe noted, MIS arc inks are
relatively cheap -- not even the price of two changes of carts for a set of
4 oz. bottles.

But I don't like to have to spray.  And the XG inks are not that much more.

Joel Wilcox

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Subject: Re: 1160 and MIS arc inks (was "1160 & Archiva")

> Joel,
> I've been using XG ink in my 1160 for a couple of weeks, and am now
> waiting for ProfilerRGB to arrive (I was previously trying to get good
> color using the Epson driver sliders).  Anyway, the other day I did a
> quickie torture test, putting prints inside a plastic bag filled with
> car exhaust. The XG+Ilford Glossy did not shift at all. All the other XG
> prints showed magenta fade, quite marked on Polar Gloss and EPGPP, and
> very noticeable but not severe on Epson HW Matte.
> More data points suggesting the Gelatin in the Ilford paper is an
> important contributor to fade resistance are accumulating.
> Holland

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