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Re: UK and 1200: greeting cards and postcards

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Tom,

Given that the ink costs are likely to make printing your own cards in this
quantity a rather pricey proposition, you might want to consider a web-based
4-color service such as:

US$1.50 per 4-color card at quantity 500 (much cheaper volume quotes in the
quantities you are seeking)
You upload images directly and can place text inside and on back of cards.
Each card is a bright white glossy folded card with envelope. You can group
into boxes.

4/1 color dual-sided postcards 4x6 are US$0.10 in quantities of 5,000. You
upload images for front and back directly.

I have ordered from both companies. Both are reputable and service to
California is rapid (less than one week). Don't know about UK service or

Not to dissuade you from original, fine-art ink-jet cards. Just thought
you'd like some additional resources.

Good luck!

Miller Abel
Santa Cruz, CA

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