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Re: 1160 & Archiva

In a message dated 10/22/00 10:30:34 PM, rawohlfe@cats.ucsc.edu writes:

>initial tests, my print comparisons of the same files with the Archiva
>the Epson OEM ink that came with the printer show very similar color gamut
>after profiling both inksets with the low-end profiler, WiziWYG. The main
>difference I see is that the OEM prints are a bit punchier because of more
>intense extreme darks; this comes at the expense of some sublety in the
>midtones and saturated color areas that the Archiva delivers, however.

Possibly, but it is likely that your darks are a function of the physical 
limits of the inks, while the midtone issues are almost guaranteed to be 
weaknesses in the profile. Its difficult to suggest which would be the cause 
of saturation issues, though a raw CMYK target print from both should show 
which has the larger potential gamut.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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