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Re: Archival Inks for CMYK Proofing

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Holland:

Yes, I was using Matchlock RGB.  What little I have done
with this paper, I seem to get good results.  The profiler
is surely not so dead-on with all ink/paper combos though.
As an example, for some reason, I have had a problem getting
a good profile with the XG inks on HWM/1160.  I also have
Doctor Pro, and can't even seem to master the XG 1160 HWM
profile using it.

This problem may be a result of the XG blacks.  They seem
somehow different to the OEM inks.  I think it is more my
lack of ability in PS than the Profiler though.  One thing
for sure, if your monitor is not properly calibrated, you
are going to have even more problems.  In general, though,
Profiler RGB does a good job for me unless I try to profile
some really way out stuff.

To do fade tests with the Premium Glossy with the XG inks, I
simply used another profile...I don't remember which
now...and got good monitor/print match.  Oh...and I printed
the fade test images on the 1270 with the Ilford Glossy with
the backlit chosen in the paper pulldown as I recall and got
pretty darn good prints just using ICM.  Go figure.

One thing I should mention...when I am doing a fade test, I
am really only after a fairly neutral mid-gray block plus a
black and white block.  I scan them periodically into PS and
use the eyedropper to measure these three squares and place
the RGB and CMY values into an Excel spreadsheet.  In other
words, I am not trying to get a perfect match to a PDI image
or anything close.

Just to add to your misery, I also fade tested the Polar
Glossy.  Of course, it prints a great image, but alas, it
faded at exactly the same rate as the Epson Premium glossy
in my test of several glossy papers on the 1270.  So far,
the Ilford glossy has outlasted them all.  I should mention
that I do not have the major cyan fade like some others.
The Premium (and Polar) lasted almost the same as the Epson
Photo (new).

So....SIGH! for sure. 8(

bob snow
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I presume you are using profiling software on these prints.

It was much simpler just using the 1270 with EOM ink and
Polar Gloss paper. Sigh....

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