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Re: Archival Inks for CMYK Proofing

At 09:35 PM 10/21/00 -0700, Jack Clark wrote:

>So, I guess my basic question is, does the Extreme Gamut inkset have a
>large enough gamut to do a decent job for pre-proof proofing on a Stylus

Xtreme Gamut (Xg) should have awesome gamut, if it's 
anything at all like the other Ilford/Archiva derivatives 
I've worked with.  And on the 3000, it should run without 
problems.  However, its main selling point -- its archival 
properties -- are not proven or guaranteed for arbitrary 
paper types.

I find it interesting that Xg paper uses a gelatin surface.
I wonder if the paper surface, as much as the ink, is 
responsible for Xg's presumed "archivalness?"

rafe b.

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