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re: RE: **Micro-Banding**

I agree with your assessment, Michael.  For most applications, clients won't 'see' the effects of 'micro-banding.'  Problems do arise with images scanned for reproduction, though.  The banding is magnified resulting in unusable photos.  I've had that problem with the 1160 which I purchased to replace a 900 with which the problem did not exist.

However, returning to the enlarged images on the Inkjetart web page, it is clear that all but the 2000P have a consistent pattern of 'microbanding' in them.  My question, which has yet to be answered is: is this normal for these printers or symptomatic of either transport or printhead problems?


> ** Original Message follows... 

> Careful, what you see at an 8X magnification may not appear at normal
> viewing distance (like naked eye at 3"<g>). I'd like to see examples posted
> at actual size (which onscreen would be larger than real life). These
> differences are getting REAL subtle.
> |
> |
> |If you haven't already done so, check out the Inkjetart
> |comparisons of the 13" printers.  On three of the four images at
> |http://www.tssphoto.com/sp/dg/news/13_comp/8.html microbanding
> |appears, especially noticeable in the blue portion of the image at
> |the bottom.  You don't see it on the 2000P, but that image appears
> |out of focus....(the lack of sharpness may or may not be
> |attributable to the printer...could be the sharpening on the
> |reproduction of the printed image).
> |
> |If you saw this kind of banding, would you return your printer or
> |accept it as normal?

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