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Re: 860 or 880

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000 03:25:59 -1000, you wrote:

>As a list newcomer...
>indeed, not yet even an inkjet owner...
>I'm considering buying either an SC860 or an SC880

The 860 can use a CIS system at this time the 880 can't
havne't seen the output from a 880 yet so can't comment
I have a 1160 which is the same printhead as the 860 and it's a great


as to the higher res - ? - who knows as they went from 1440 to 2880
but STAYED at 720 not sure how much that is going to help

>for general business and occasional graphics use...
>basically for color graphical presentations
>and occasional photo output.

The 900 may be a better bet for that workflow as it is very fast in
b&w text mode and does decent color plus the CIS works on it
12 p/m in b&w mode as fast as a lot of laser printers
The 1160 though is MUCH quieter, so quiet that I can't always tell
when it's printing :)

>I'd appreciate input on advantages/disadvantages of each...
>So far as I can understand now,
>860 advantage is NOT using 'chipped' cartridge...and less costly, esp w/rebate.
>880 advantage is higher resolution...
>Bill Fuller

Shawn Coggins  http://www.herronparkhorsetrials.org/
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