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Re: Olympus D10 & Canon Eos D3 (I need help)

In a message dated 10/19/00 6:34:33 PM, andy.ch@ukonline.co.uk writes:

>I need to buy a digital camera for work; I have narrowed it down to the
>Olympus D10 or the Canon D30

i assume you mean Olympus E-10... and thats the one I have chosen over the 
D30 and others. Here's why. The D30 captures fewer pixels, uses a CMOS chip 
which is new, unproven technology, with questionable noise levels; and with a 
comparable lens will cost double what the E-10 will cost. Being able to swith 
lenses on the D30 is an advantage, if you can afford multiple lenses, and if 
you don't mind them not having their intended specs, since only the middle of 
the 35mm film area will be captured by the CCD. Also there is the issue of 
dust getting into the unsealed camera body...

So I can understand the pro who can't swallow the non-interchangable lens 
issue, but I find for my needs that more pixels, less money, and the great 
resolution that the E-10 images show are more than enough compensation.

C. David Tobie
Design Cooperative
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