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business card stock (was: Cardstock and Cleaning Heads)

<x-flowed>Crane has a nice 110-lb., all-cotton, wove-finish, 8.5 x 11 sheet in 
their "Crane Cover" line in Ivory, Natural White, and Fluourescent 
White, and they'll send a single, 125-sheet box to you for about $18 
plus shipping. It's not photo-quality finish, but it's lovely paper, 
and I sometimes use it in my 900.

1-800-5CRANE6 can be called for a few sample sheets.

For Sabrina's use I'd suggest Crane's 90-lb. sheet instead, because 
in business-card size I think it's both thick enough and stiff 
enough. It's about $14/box, available in Pearl White, Moonstone Gray, 
and Azure Blue as well as the Whites, and I think a little easier for 
the 900 to live with.

Tiny type can be a problem with all-cotton stock. But I've usually 
been able to cope with Multiple Master fonts from an "open" face or 
even with just the Verdana fonts that come with IE (for a WinTel 
stricken client who wanted to print his own stationery). Another 
strategy is to print the text on one side with a laser or an Alps (or 
PiezographyBW?) and print a photo on the other side with an Epson. I 
think one side of Crane's Cover is very slightly smoother than the 
other, but I can't tell the difference. If I could, I'd use the 
smoother side for the text.


"Sabrina L. Nelson" <sabrina@alttv1.com> wrote:

>Is there such a thing as 110 lb. cardstock (the thickness should be 
>"exact index" or something similar) that has a photo-quality finish 
>and is suitable to use in the Epson Stylus 800?  I want to print 
>short runs of biz cards for my clients and I'm not too thrilled with 
>the thickness of the other papers I've used, such as Kodak or Epson. 
>The print quality is superior (yes, even on Kodak), but the 
>cardstock itself is too floppy.  Since my customers would only want 
>a few cards, it would be too costly to send them out for 4-color 
>I've printed all sorts of things on regular 110 lb. cardstock and it 
>works great in this printer.  Since this stock is essentially "thick 
>paper", one can only print at 360dpi and only small illustrations, 
>but it does a great job so long as the graphics are not full-bleed, 
>full color. [snip]

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