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VueScan improvements - the best gets better

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi Ed -

Thanks for the note! Sounds excellent.

In another thread, I wrote, re. an Epson Perfection 1200U replacing my
HP to get better color data for Matchlock:

> High five for Ed Hamrick for posting a new version of
> VueScan that supports the Epson scanner the day I got one!
> It works great, Ed.

Yesterday I tried the Epson 1200U transparency adapter with VueScan 6.34
and a 4x5 color negative (Kodak Pro PRN). Sure enough, the film type was
listed, and VueScan pretty much nailed the color. I know 1200 dpi and
limited DMax aren't good enough for exhibition quality 4x5 work, but
with VueScan this $200 scanner (well, $300 with the tranny adapter) gave
surprisingly good results. It'll tide me over until I'm ready to spend
serious $$$ for a 4x5 film scanner.

Richard Wolfson
rwolfson at LyricDesign.com

> From: EdHamrick@aol.com
> Subject: Re: VueScan 6.3.2 Available
> In a message dated 10/16/2000 5:55:59 PM EST,
> rwolfson@LyricDesign.com writes:
> > One solution would be a standard "save as" dialog box, with
> appropriate
> >  sticky defaults
> Yes, this is what I'm planning.
> Regards,
> Ed Hamrick

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