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Re: Photoshop 6

<x-flowed>>And if the newer version is an  upgrade you may even need the old
>disks if the old copy can't be found on your hard disk during
>installation for some reason.  I had this problem when trying to
>install on a disk I had just reformatted.  I don't recall the three
>choices, but one of them was to insert the old CD.  Of course, unless
>you have two CD drives, you have to eject the new one, etc., a real

This is the case with the Photoshop 6 upgrade, which requires 
inserting a CDfrom a previous version (plus the old version's serial 
number). If you're on a network with another computer with a CD 
drive, you can insert the  PS 4 or 5 CD in that computer, turn on 
sharing and mount that disc before installing PS 6. It makes it go a 
lot smoother.

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