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Re: ps 6

No tutorial CD with this one.  In fact PS 6 comes in a standard jewel box CD
case rather than the double cardboard sleeve it used to come in.  I liked
the thinner cardboard - never used the tutorial so I don't miss it.  Maybe
Adobe found a way to get the tutorial and ap on the same disc (ie shorter


> Well I haven't gotten PS 6 yet, :( but am amused by some of this
> discussion concerning the manual. As Dan points out it serves as a
> dictionary and basically has done that since version 3 (the first
> version I had any real exp with). No one has mentioned the Tutorial
> CD, I can't imagine that Adobe stopped including that cd! Has anyone
> tried it. Granted it won't work for Dan in the tub or for me in bed
> but it most likely will be of great help to newbies.

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