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Re: New Scanner

If you want good quality 8x10 prints ,forget about a transparency adapter on a
photo scanner.You can buy a good quality film/slide scanner for $300-$400
and get much better quality output for printing.I have a Minolta scan dual I
paid about $350.00 for a year or so ago.I can print very good quality 8x10
prints on my Epson 870 .It will go up to about 2700 dpi (true resolution.)
Some of the new HP and Epson scanners are highly rated,but I have not kept
up lately.Go to cnet,zdnet,etc for latest ratings and do a lot of reading on 
You could probably get a good deal on a scanner at E-bay or other auctions.
Many of the newer models offer only increased speed but the quality on the
older models will be probably just as good.Hope this helps.
Robert W.
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