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Re: Ilford Archiva dye, pigment, quad

 > CDTobie wrote:
>> In a message dated 10/16/00 9:06:38 AM, ernst@dinkla.demon.nl writes:
>>> First of all Archiva dye is now sold for the Ilford version of the
>>> ColorSpan that means CMYK + two grades of Lc and Lm. I wonder whether
>>> they deliver those packs without heads for the printer, if so it
>>> could be a source for six ink sets for Epsons.
>> If it uses two shades of the light inks, chances are neither one would be
>> exactly what the Epsons need to run a single shade of light  C&M. And that is
>> not a negotiable factor.

Ernst, CD:
While Ilford does sell the Mc, Mm, Lc, Lm, it is only done in kits that cost
about $200/500 ml bottle with print cart.

You could probably get away with using the medium colors.

But ink viscosity & surface tension adjustments would still be in order to
get best performance from a 9000.

John Nollendorfs
Lincoln Ink & Paper, Inc.
(402) 477-6265

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