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Re: Photoshop 6

<x-flowed>At 9:34 AM -0500 10/17/00, Jerry Olson wrote:
>Bruce, yes my layers palette IS nested with several others. I always
>work that way, is there a reason why you shouldn't do it? Can you only
>drag one palette at a time into the palette well?

The only reason for not nesting the Layers palette is if you want it 
open all the time. When palettes are nested, only one palette in the 
nest is visible at a time. So if your layers palette is nested with 
another palette and you call up that other palette, the Layers 
palette gets hidden.

I keep my info palette, channels palette and layers palette arranged 
down the right hand side of the screen, not nested with anything, so 
they're there all the time (unless I press Tab to hide them all.)

I keep the other palettes in the dock because I don't use them 
anything like as often, and when I do it's usually to do one single 
thing. Docked palettes appear when you click their tab, and close 
again as soon as you do something else, so the dock isn't a terribly 
good place for palettes that you use a lot.

You can put as many palettes as you have room for in the palette 
well, but yes, you have to drag them there one at a time.

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