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Somerset Papers from here in Somerset

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello to every one out there in inkjet land!

I live in Wells Somerset England, which is incidentally were the mill is
that makes the Somerset papers.

At weekends I go Mountain biking with the head of the computer paper dept. I
told him about this list, and he was quite interested in the idea. What he
has asked is that if any one has any technical ideas, questions or
suggestions on ways to improve the product, that you send an email to me and
I will forward it to him.
I think this would be really good, as it would mean that the user gets
exactly the product that they want and the factory gets a product that moves
off of the shelve.

The good thing about the Somerset mill is that it is relatively small, so
developments would happen quickly rather than the years that it would take
for say Epson to develop new product.

Hope you can be of some help,

Andy C

PS. Please don't ask me to try and get any samples, as this is categorically
not possible! (Even my own supply is about to dry up).

PPS. The main problem at the moment is packaging:
Q: do you think that the current design it ok or do to have any suggestions.
Do you think that a flashy pack suck as Epson would make you buy this paper

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