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Re: 3rd party carts for 1270 now available

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In the last digest (#827) someone said one drawback to the 1270 was that 3rd party
cartridges were not possible due to the chipped cartridge.  Not so any longer!

Go to: http://www.99th.com/ to hear about the solution described as: "The ILRS is a
brand new, unique solution, to the Epson Intellidge chip."

"The chip carrier design and the ink level re-programmer allow the Epson chip to be
re-used indefinitely. Once the chip is transferred to the carrier it can be moved
from old cartridges to new, time and time again."

"The carrier with the chip installed is simply inserted into the key-fob sized
computer to have its ‘ink level restored’, before it is slid into place on the new

So... 3rd party cartridges are now available for the Epson 870 & 1270 printer!

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