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Re: Photoshop 6: The Best Gets Better - article

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Add an adjustment layer to your image, and make the type "threshold." Then
use the slider to determine what locations in the image you want to place
your eye-dropper markers (I can't remember what you call the 4 eye-dropper
thingies you can place on the image).

Once you've placed your eye-droppers for white point and black point, throw
away the adjustment layer. Now you have you original image with eye-droppers
at the places in the image that you want to use as the white pint and black

Buy PS6 and you won't need to do this anymore, and you can see the image in
color while you're doing it.

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From: "Dave King" <kingphoto@mindspring.com>
From: Steve Bye

> Holding down Alt/Opt while dragging the highlight and shadow sliders
> Levels will show you where in the image the highlights and shadows
blow out
> or plug up. It's like a clipping warning.There have been ways to do
> before, but they were tedious on Windows, and kludgy on a Mac.

How do you do this on a PC with 5.5?  Thanks,

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