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re: Ink clog and thanks


Heard a quote on TV last night that goes something like this:  I picked the 'right' woman and have been wrong ever since.  Sound familiar?  

As to your problem with the 800, I suggest removing the cart and VERY CAREFULLY placing a few drops Windex over the ink intake port.  Run one cleaning cycle and let the printer sit over night.  First thing in the AM run a nozzle check and cleaning cycle if necessary.  If the black jets are still clogged, print out a large rectangular box filled with black.  In fact, print several.  See if that doesn't clear the clog.  

If not, what inks are you using?  Has the printer been idle for a while?  When was the last time you had a clean nozzle check?  If it's been idle for a while, redo the Windex and also put some more on the ink head cleaning pads for good measure.  Give it some time and run through the nozzle check, cleaning cycle and black rectangle printing.  

These steps will clean most clogs with the Epson inkset.

Now really, John, you're going to have to get over this business of being controlled by food and sex.  Try creating another obsession your wife can't touch!


> ** Original Message follows... 

> The other week I asked about getting a printer for daughters birthday.
> As pointed out, I was out of mind to look at a 11x17 unit do to the costs of
> ink even with a ink feed system. So I got the 860 deal from OfficeMax and
> just sent for my $50 rebate, thanks all.
>     Now for next problem, my trusty old 800 is clogged in the black head. I
> followed some posts last week and replaced the black cart,  shut it off over
> night, then  tired cleaning it about 15 times and even added some water to
> pads.
>      No luck, so what should I do next? This on my wife's computer and she
> only prints once in while and is pissed that I cannot fix it. Quote "you fix
> computers for other people but when mine breaks you can never get it to
> work!."
>     Please help me, she is going to cut sex out and already is not cooking
> till I  fix this thing...<G>
> John M. Henry

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