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Re: Ilford papers fading

Nice to see a Ilford rep here to help with our paper problem. Since
Ilford doesn't list the X7X prints or give any settings to use I wonder
if you could give us some info for starting points.

I take you comment of, "they will not exhibit the gas fading problem
with the x7x printers", with a grain of salt because I believe I'm
seeing some gray to brown fading on Ilford glossy but after 15 days it
is rather mild and I will have to scan the print into Photoshop to get a
better feel for the degree of fade. You have to keep in mind that Epson
new glossy fades badly here in about five days.


<<<<<Wendy Erickson wrote>>>>>
<<<<<Hi everyone. The ILFORD papers, both glossy and semi-matte are both
RC (Resin
Coated) papers and they will not exhibit the gas fading problem with the
printers- In a nutshell, the new style microporous papers that are used
these printers absorb the ink using capillary action, and because of the
of these newer papers, they also absorb any pollutants, etc. which then
the gas fading of the new  style inks-

You won't see the gas fading problems with ILFORD RC papers with the new
inks- If you are having trouble finding ILFORD papers in your area,
please flip
me an e-mail with your location (City/State) and I'll find you a
dealer.  If you
want tech info on the ILFORD papers, please let send me your snail mail
and we'll send it out.
Hope this helps,
Kind regards,

Wendy Erickson
ILFORD Imaging USA Inc
Monochrome and consumer Digital Products Manager
The Americas
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