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Re: Byte magazine article on orange shift OLD DYE SET?

<x-flowed>At 12:37 PM -0400 10/2/00, William Boyle wrote:

>It appears that the cat is out of the bag - no magic in the inks at all,
>same old stuff, just new papers - oh, and new drivers to (mol) match the
>inks to the new papers - so Epson could (if they wanted) provide updated
>drives for teir ither printers and the only advantage the 1270 would
>have might be in priting speed and dot size - NOT in print life (wich is
>what they advertized but wich it might or might not actually deliver -
>In that case you should be able to get the same print life from any of
>the 6-color dye-based printers by using the new papers - all you need is
>the right profile - and you should get longer print life by using the
>new papers on a 4-color printer.
>If the inks are all the same, my question is, how close can an 1160 with
>the right profile come to the output of a 1270 on HWM or Epson's new
>Watercolor paper? Are 1160 prints from 8x10 to 13x19 as salable as 1270
>prints at that size (which reduces the importance of dot size)?
The only "evidence" we have that the inks in the x70 series are the 
same as those in previous generations is some hearsay from an unnamed 
Epson source via a writer who may or may not have understood what he 
was being told.

Against that, we have a vast body of evidence from people getting 
radically different fading behaviors on the same paper stock from the 
1270 and the previous generations.

The last generation of Epson inks tended to turn green under a couple 
months' exposure to light, whether or not they were under glass. The 
x70 series does not display that particular problem.

I haven't subjected the inks to gas chromatography or a scanning 
electron microscope, so I can't say for sure that the x70 series inks 
are not the same as the previous generation, but all available 
evidence, save for one unattributed quote, says otherwise.

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