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Re: Update on Robert Krawitz' 4 & 6 colour Epson x70 tests

--- J Collins <greydog@greypaint.com> wrote:
> In re the black degradation;  why do you conclude it
> is the black turning
> brown and not the cyan component of black fading and
> leaving a brown color
> which would happen if you mixed dark gray, magenta
> and yellow.  Photoshop
> and other image editors define black (in color mode)
> as a mix of dark gray
> (the black ink) and the three primaries, cyan,
> magenta and yellow.
> Other four color process (gum bichromate etc.)  also
> make black from the
> three primaries and the black pigment.  Three color
> processes (dye transfer
> etc.) create black from three primaries only.

I can't address Kennedy's images, since I haven't seen
them.  But I've gotten brown shift on gray scales
printed with the "black only" ink setting in the Epson
driver.  You can see it on my web site, below.

Bob Meyer
Youth and talent are no match for age and treachery.


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