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Re: Byte magazine article on orange shift

In article <20001002024014.1956.qmail@web4106.mail.yahoo.com>, Bob Meyer
<bobm_epson@yahoo.com> writes
>For those of you tired of this, I apologise.  For
>those still interested, Byte has an article on the
>problem where they basically swallow the Epson PR
>hook, line and sinker.  It's at:
<snip to what Epson told Byte>
>Epson stated to me very clearly that the problem only
>occurs with the Gloss paper, and that the dyes they
>use are the same ones they used in the previous
>printer models.

If this is true then it reflects extremely bad on both Epson and

If the ink is the same as in previous printers - such as the 1200 - then
they have lied about the changes in formulation required to get the
extended life - and Wilhelm's tests, which show a difference between new
inks and the previous generation, are unreliable at best!

I suspect that the information that Byte were given was false but, if
not, then all the longevity claims for the x7x series, from whatever
source, are highly suspect.
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