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Re: Epson Responds to MacWEEK open letter

--- Ernst Dinkla <ernst@dinkla.demon.nl> wrote:

> I wouldn't be surprised if the superb smaller dots
> the 1270 lays down
> is also one of the causes of faster fading, I've
> written about this
> twice, though I can't believe that it really plays a
> big role already,
> it would be nice to see whether it does make a
> difference, how small
> that may be.
> That means also testing the 1270 ink in the two
> printers and looking for
> shifts in the light parts of the prints. They have
> to have the same
> density at the beginning of course. This is another
> task than what you
> had planned but it will give a better understanding
> and more practical
> value than just comparing an ancient printer with
> ancient inks to a
> new system.
I agree that this sounds like a good idea, but....

I'm afriad I can't see myself ripping open a 1270
cart, using the ink to refill an empty ESCII cart
(especially since I don't HAVE any empty ESC II
carts).  I have my doubts that the new ink would work
in the old printer anyway.

All comparing the old printer to the new one would do
is prove or disprove Dan Crane's blanket statement
that the x70 printers have equal gas-fastness to other
Epson printers.

Bob Meyer
Youth and talent are no match for age and treachery.


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