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Re: 7 more papers (maybe I need to get a life <g>)

> FWIW (hopefully it's worth something), I've started
> round 2 with seven more papers.

It's worth something to the rest of us!  :-)

> Tetenal Gloss 264 (TG)--Very heavy, with a nice feel.
> But the surface seems to have a bit more texture than
> the Epson Premium Glossy (EPG), which I'm not sure I
> like.  On the High Quality Film setting, there is some
> reticulation in dark colors, although not as bad as
> the Ilford.  Colors are very close to the EPG, but a
> little bit warmer, and the gray scale is a bit
> compressed at the dark end.  However, the surface
> seems soft and more easily scratched than some other
> papers.

These are my impressions of the Spectra Jet paper as well.  It's a
very nice paper, but I have noticed a couple of things as well:

- There seem to be some defects.  On a good number of sheets, the
white coating has flaked off in several small spots - taking the ink
with it.  Maybe I just got a bad batch.  And it does seem a little
sensitive to scratching.  But it's the heaviest paper I've tried and
the photo quality seems very good.   It's just WAY too expensive
compared to the other papers (especially ones that can be purchased on
the online stores like buy.com or onvia.com).

> Red River Polar Gloss (RRPG)--Very nice results.  The
> paper is even whiter than EPG.  Using the photo paper
> setting, color balance is almost identical to EPG. 
> The texture of the paper is a little bit more
> noticeable compared to the EPG, but it's ok.  If this
> doesn't fade, it could be a good choice (but I think
> someone else has already reported orange shift with
> this paper).

I have had mixed results with this paper.  Initially, I was very
impressed.  But I noticed on some prints that had dark areas of brown,
there was some bronzing - where the ink looked fuzzy.  This happened a
good deal on areas of my portraits with very dark brown hair.  Instead
of seeing the strands of brown hair, it looked like a fuzzy mess.  But
changing to the Glossy Film setting seemed to fix it for the most part
(although you can't print on high speed with this setting, so it's
slower).  Otherwise, the paper is very nice!

> Canon Photo Paper Pro (CPPP)--Wowser's, as Detective
> Gadget would say.  Using the Photo Paper setting,
> results are almost indistinguishable from EPG.  Gloss
> is comparable, and the surface texture is slightly
> smoother.  I like the photo paper setting best, but it
> works with the high quality film setting (slightly
> darker, slightly warmer results) and the EPG setting
> (also slightly darker, but neutral colors), too.  And
> no puddling or reticulation at any of the settings.

I just got my first pack of Canon's paper yesterday and I was
impressed as well!  VERY glossy, but smooth and plenty thick.  Photo
quality exceeds Epson's in my opinion, due to smoother color tones.
It did buckle a little right out of the printer, but this went away
after a short time.  The paper also squeaks on my Epson 1270 as it is
fed through the printer - perhaps because of its higher glossy
texture.  Didn't seem to have any problems feeding though, although
pizza wheels are visible at close examination.  Not a big deal,
though, and if this turns out to be the paper that *doesn't* exhibit
the color shifting, then I would certainly be happy using it.  I'm not
going to buy anymore though, until our fade tests are completed...

> Nai-chi Lee has reported good fade resistence in his
> report on comp.periphs.printers.  If I get the same
> results, I think I've found my solution.  It's not
> cheap ($1.00 a sheet locally, about 66 cents from
> onvia.com), but it looks wonderful.

Actually, it's 60 cents/sheet at Onvia ($9.02/15) since they have free
shipping.  This is comparable to the rest of the papers I've tried.
(Epson's is 53 cents at Onvia, Polar Gloss is between 50-60 depending
on what quantity you buy, etc).  Tetenal's Spectra Jet, however, is a
whopping 96 cents/sheet + shipping)!!!

> Fade test results to follow.

Looking forward to them (but only if there is GOOD news, hehee)...


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