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Re: 3000 & image distortion (Ursula)


After re-installing the cartridges the printer went though 25 minutes
of cleaning cycles. I thought it would never stop. 
The printer works fine now. What a relief! I should probably look for 
lighter weight paper (archival) but I just recently bought 100 sheets
of 22x30 Somerset Velvet to go with the bulk purchase of Lysonic 

Ursula Freer

tboley@emeraldnet.net wrote:
> Ursula, I'm sorry things went this way. Were I in your position I would
> have followed the directions precisely and also fail to remove the
> cartridges if it was not mentioned in the post. So my attempt would have
> gone sideways too. I do in fact have the same problem, actually more
> severe with some papers, my solution to date was to not use those
> papers. Concorde seemed all right but I'm not using it right now.
> Somerset Enhanced seems to go through without massive skewing or
> noticeable banding, I haven't it checked it for slight distortions.
> I hope your printer works after it's all back together, and am sorry for
> your experience. A warning post to the Piezo board is probably in order
> as well.
> Tyler
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