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7 more papers (maybe I need to get a life <g>)

FWIW (hopefully it's worth something), I've started
round 2 with seven more papers.  (I may have posted
comments on a couple of these already--I don't
remember for sure.

First, though, I'm putting the Ilford samples, which
did not show any fade/shift at all, back into toture
mode.  One will go back into the air duct, one into
the porch (indirect light, outdoor air) window, and
I'm going to put the third where it's exposed outdoors
to afternoon sun.  A major torture.  But since these
are the only papers that exhibited no shift, I'm
really curious to see how they hold up.

New Papers:

(Note:  I've saved the best for last, so if you don't
have the patience to read the entire post, skip to the

Tetenal Gloss 264 (TG)--Very heavy, with a nice feel. 
But the surface seems to have a bit more texture than
the Epson Premium Glossy (EPG), which I'm not sure I
like.  On the High Quality Film setting, there is some
reticulation in dark colors, although not as bad as
the Ilford.  Colors are very close to the EPG, but a
little bit warmer, and the gray scale is a bit
compressed at the dark end.  However, the surface
seems soft and more easily scratched than some other

ICI Olmec Gloss (OG)--Also very nice weight, with a
surface texture very much like the EPG.  A little bit
more reticulation than with the Tetenal, however.   
Colors are also slightly warmer than EPG (Ian Lyons
has sent me a profile he's created for this paper, but
I haven't use it yet). If it responds well in the fade
test, I'll try some other paper settings, and Ian's

ICI Olmec Satin (OS)--Hmmm.  At first, I thought I had
severe reticulation problems, no matter what paper
setting I used.  But as I look more closely, I think
it's just the texture of the paper.  Colors are,
again, slightly warmer that EPG, but I think easily
correctable.  Personally, I don't care for the paper
surface at all.

Red River Polar Gloss (RRPG)--Very nice results.  The
paper is even whiter than EPG.  Using the photo paper
setting, color balance is almost identical to EPG. 
The texture of the paper is a little bit more
noticeable compared to the EPG, but it's ok.  If this
doesn't fade, it could be a good choice (but I think
someone else has already reported orange shift with
this paper).

Red River Frio Gloss (RRFG)--Can't handle all the ink
the 1270 puts down.  Even on the glossy film setting,
the paper wrinkled from the ink.  And this is another
paper who's texture reminds me of reticulation.  It's
not as glossy as the EPG, and colors are a little less
saturated.  Using the photo paper setting, however,
the color balance is very accurate.

Red River Premium Gloss (RRG)--Not as glossy as the
EPG, and a more noticeable surface texture.  With the
Photo Paper setting, the colors are very accurate. 
They just don't seem as saturated because the paper's
not as glossy.

Canon Photo Paper Pro (CPPP)--Wowser's, as Detective
Gadget would say.  Using the Photo Paper setting,
results are almost indistinguishable from EPG.  Gloss
is comparable, and the surface texture is slightly
smoother.  I like the photo paper setting best, but it
works with the high quality film setting (slightly
darker, slightly warmer results) and the EPG setting
(also slightly darker, but neutral colors), too.  And
no puddling or reticulation at any of the settings.

Nai-chi Lee has reported good fade resistence in his
report on comp.periphs.printers.  If I get the same
results, I think I've found my solution.  It's not
cheap ($1.00 a sheet locally, about 66 cents from
onvia.com), but it looks wonderful.

Fade test results to follow.

Bob Meyer
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