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Re: Spray effect on prints

>I have not tested 1270 prints yet, but Epson 600 and Epson EX prints I
>sprayed with regular UV photo lacquer last much longer in the sun.  I
>often spray the prints to change the surface from glossy to matte.

I tried sprays by Sureguard, both matt and glossy on a couple of 1270
prints, both heavyweigh matt and Luminos Classic Velour. It was a disaster.
Both sprays left a foggy coating on the images, killed the color saturation
and were just plain ugly.

I've used the Luminos UV spray which appears to have no effect on the
appearance of the image at all, but I'm looking for something that will
provide a more robust barrier to mechanical damage. I've got an album maker
who finds Heavyweight Matt too delicate. If he gets glue on the surface of
an RC print he can get it off with no problem but the matt papers are
damaged. He can also work with Epson Premium Glossy. But as we all know,
EPG has proven an unreliable substrate. So I've been interested in the
overspray question in this list.

The Sureguard products ruined the prints I tried them on.

Frank Pryor


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