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Re: Looking for HQ scans/low price

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From: "rafeb" <rafeb@channel1.com>
> 'Tween you and me, don't bother with GF.  But get the
> demo, anyway, and see for yourself.  Some folks here
> think it's the cat's meow, and others (myself included)
> find it inferior to good old bicubic interpolation.

For normal enlargement...2-3x or so, I agree that Photoshop does as well or
better.  However, I tested the claim that GF was superior with large amounts
of resizing.  I did a small section of an image and resampled it to about
16x original.  The results are at
While it can't invent detail that doesn't exist, the result in this case
does look smoother and better.

If you were making murals or large posters, the results with GF may justify
the purchase price, but it's fairly expensive.  It also took over an hour on
a 450 Mhz machine to do the sample, as opposed to a couple of seconds in

Gary Robertshaw
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