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Re:3000 & image distortion (Ursula)

I'm now thinking this has more to do with the 3000's inability to very
accurately advance large sheets of some papers. It has been discussed a
lot over on the Piezography board because with quadtones it results in
severe banding that is less visible printing in color because of the
severe ink separations necessary for quads.
I complained that I couldn't get 17x22 sheets of Lysonic FA/ Classic
Velour/ blabla through my 3000 without image distortion, sometimes so
severe that the image would be curved on the paper. Jon Cone replied
that the 3000 can't control that paper. Since banding is so visible with
Piezography it's been a hot topic on the Piezo list, several people have
looked into correcting the 3000's lack of paper control. It turns out
that there are springs controlling the roller tension, and often the
tension is not even from end to end. Disassembly and adjustment of the
springs apparently has completely solved banding problems for people who
have tried it. I haven't yet because of time but I intend to.
It follows that if this adjustment lets the 3000 control paper advance
so precisely that quads have no banding, then image distortion should be
solved as well. It might be worth checking out the various posts there
about the problem, there is one post with directions on how to fix it.
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