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Re: 1270 Cartridge experiemen

--- Ian Lyons <ilyons@msn.com> wrote:

Everything you say makes sense, except:
> As for Alans attempted correlation between 5 useful
> contacts and 5 colours
> of ink, sorry there are 6 inks. I could go on, but
> then you'd all get mighty
> Pi----d and, etc. etc. Suffice to say Alan stick
> with imaging and leave
> electronics to those who do understand the basics.

The sixth ink is black.  And the black cart has it's
own chip, does it not?  So that leaves five contacts
and five colors on the color cart.

Mind, I am NOT saying the 5 contacts corelate to the 5
inks, just that there really aren't 6 inks matched to
5 contacts.  In fact, the black cart has the exact
same contact pattern as the color cart does.  Does
that indicate anything?  Not really, because we have
no way of knowing if they are all used by the printer.

One more thing, Ian.  You could probably make your
point without being quite as deprecative.

Bob Meyer
Step Outside.  The graphics are AMAZING!

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