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Re: warming a photo round 2

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Alan,
You can take a look at it or download a smaller version at
I sized it down to so it would display at the size it would have printed
with the image you posted, and pasted it alongside the original, and listed
the steps (I tweaked the adjustment layers a bit more).  The whole thing is
a single .jpg image.  I can email you the full sized image if you would

I'm sure it could use more work, but it's a good start and I think it (the
full sized version) would print OK.

Gary Robertshaw
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Subject: re: warming a photo round 2

> Gary did you post it to your website or could you email me back a copy
> I think I'm going to take the several very unselfish attempts to correct
it and
> make a web page out of them with the techiques used and place a link on
> Epson-Inkjet FAQ.
> alan

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