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Re: Epson 1200 "hissing" sound

<x-charset iso-8859-1>> I just picked up a used 1200. Shortly after I plugged it in, it made a
> "hissing" sound. Since I've owned one of these before, I know it's not
> normal sound. Air line leak? Anyone have any ideals? I've only put a
> cleaning cartridge in it so far, but this doesn't look good.
> Thx,
> Troy

Hi Troy,

I have one 1200 bought new, and two bought refurbished.  One of the
refurbs makes a hissing sound, but so far it doesn't interfere with
operation in any way I notice.  I was worried at first it was going to
crash and burn, but it's still chugging (and hissing) along.


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