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Re: "Space" pulldown in print dialog box

<x-flowed>PhotoRoy6@aol.com can now get media specific drivers

On Ian Lyons' site at:


in the Epson 1270/870 section there is now a link to download
paper specific drivers for these for 1270/870 printer on wintel machines.

I'm getting excellent results on Premium Glossy paper with
the Epson Premium Glossy specific driver.

Kudos and thanks to Ian Lyons for making these available!

At 09:51 PM 7/2/00 -0400, PhotoRoy6@aol.com wrote:
>     The Photoshop dialog box you are referring to is asking you what space
>you want the printer to be printing in. If you are using Epson's printing
>space pick Epson 1270. (Now I don't have one for each paper. I just have one
>for the 1270. Though I do have mutiple Epson spaces with paper type for the
>EX). If you have a custom profile you can use it here provided you haven't
>done a profile to profile under mode.

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