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Re: Ozone and the orange shift--more disgusting every day

--- Michael Greer <mgreer942@yahoo.com> wrote:

> I AM in agreement with the concerns about the level
> of Epson's response. But
> here, I'm personally still wondering about how wide
> spread of an issue this is.
> Is it isolated? Is it rampant? The scope of the
> problem has also got to be
> considered in the company's response. Some have
> assumed that because problems
> have surfaced, that this problem is universal. Is
> it? If so, then the nature of
> Epson's response needs to be quick and decisive. 

It is widespread enough that Wilhelm felt the need to
post a disclaimer on his web site, and Epson on
theirs.  I don't think this would have occurredif it
happened to only a few people.

Assuming Epson's explanation that ozone(and possibly
other airborne contaminents) is the cause, then I
think one has to assume it at least has the potential
to be widespread.  High ozone levels can occur all
over the world.

Bob Meyer
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