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Re: Legal matters

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Excellent points, very well said.  Let's keep in mind this publication
is a valued resource to many of us, but *there is no editor* here.
We're responsible for the quality of the list, so please let's try to
keep an eye on where productivity turns into self-indulgence.  We just
lost Dan Culbertson because of these excesses.  Nuff said.


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From: Jim Osmundson <josierra@gorge.net>
To: <epson-inkjet@leben.com>
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 10:22 AM
Subject: Legal matters

> The matter of Epson living up to or not living up their corporate
> responsibilities has been discussed ad nauseam and it's time to give
it a
> break people. Long quotes of e-mail simply burn bandwidth to no useful
> purpose except to let folks vent on their own soapbox.
> If you hire attorneys and many probably have in the past, you will
find one
> way or another that it is a VERY expensive proposition. There is an
> alternative that does work and you've already paid for their services.
> or talk to the Consumer Protection division of your State Attorney
> Office.
> In times past when I went after a car company for illegal secret
> I carefully documented everything and sent it to all 50 state Consumer
> Protection Offices as well as all 50 state AG's. It got action for the
> couple of years and a lot of folks got their money back or their cars
> for free as they should have. The same holds true for this orange
shift that
> so many have been barfing all over these lists about. Gather your
> documentation and present it to all of the AG's and their consumer
> protection arms.
> Not all AG's will jump on the bandwagon but enough will contact Epson
> your behalf that heads will turn and bodies will snap to. Enough
> take some action.
> Jim

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