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Legal matters

The matter of Epson living up to or not living up their corporate 
responsibilities has been discussed ad nauseam and it's time to give it a
break people. Long quotes of e-mail simply burn bandwidth to no useful
purpose except to let folks vent on their own soapbox.

If you hire attorneys and many probably have in the past, you will find one
way or another that it is a VERY expensive proposition. There is an
alternative that does work and you've already paid for their services. Write
or talk to the Consumer Protection division of your State Attorney General's

In times past when I went after a car company for illegal secret warranties
I carefully documented everything and sent it to all 50 state Consumer
Protection Offices as well as all 50 state AG's. It got action for the next
couple of years and a lot of folks got their money back or their cars fixed
for free as they should have. The same holds true for this orange shift that
so many have been barfing all over these lists about. Gather your
documentation and present it to all of the AG's and their consumer
protection arms.

Not all AG's will jump on the bandwagon but enough will contact Epson in
your behalf that heads will turn and bodies will snap to. Enough ranting,
take some action.

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